48h is Sweden’s largest advertising competition, for and by students, and is a non-profit project. Each year, students applying voluntarily to be involved in organizing the next year’s competition, all with the will and the vision to bring 48h to new heights. 16 students from different disciplines get selected to participate in this year’s project group.

2013 I was honored to take over as Art Director. A commitment that was both learning, demanding, challenging and extremely fun!


We created a concept that we called "From coal to diamond", which would symbolize the process that the students do during the 48h-long advertising competition, as in their future careers. A diamond is created under high pressure and high temperature, and each cut diamond takes a very unique shape. Just as an ambitious young advertising student, developed from coal to a shining diamond.


Calle Nilsson, Peter Teigene, Filippa Orback, Philip Bratt, Lie Barrén, Kajsa Jakobsen, Frida Östhem, Unni Lindahl, Hanna Clason, Jacob Fagerström, Petra Eriksson, Jenny Wallhult, Ellen Heurlin, Ebba Körlof Sundberg, Anton Westerberg and me.