Create something spectacular for a brand that needs a boost. We chose Skansen.


The Culture Tag (Kulturtaggen). A digital museum that lets the Swedish people tag what they find worthy of ending up in Skansens museum. We set the culture definition free and gather up the people's input. We thereby create the worlds most modern historic museum.

How it works/

The first 30 tags are placed by Skansen and help form the campaign to get the people to help out tagging. You either go to the site and place a tag, or tag using banners on YouTube and Spotify. The tag becomes a Facebook post, helping spread the message to others. When the digital museum is filling up, we launch the campaign for the physical exhibition where the most interesting tags are showcased at Skansen, attracting new visitors. Now Skansen is updated constantly and can thereby not only claim to be the most modern historical museum in the world, is also for the people, by the people.


Art Director - Isabelle Österlund
Art Director - Alexander Rehnby
Art Director - Robin Cedvin
Copywriter - Anna Sager
COpywriter - Joakim Estemar