A friend of mine studied at Central Saint Martins last year. “Polymeric Islands” is the name of her examination project. She asked me and my boyfriend to make a design proposal for the branding of the project. This is what we came up with.

The Polymeric Islands are an environmental project with the aim of highlighting the plastic pollution that destroy our oceans.

Here’s a short description about the project, taken from the website.
“The Polymeric Islands is the world’s fastest growing nation. It is built upon 5 enormous garbage patches floating around the world’s three largest oceans. The biggest island of The Polymeric’s is roughly double the size of the state of Texas.”

Would you like to read more about the project? Please visit http://www.polymericislands.com, founded by Jennifer Gelin.

Art Direction & Design/

Isabelle Österlund

Creative Direction/

Andreas Hermansson